Which Comodo have I?

I have Comodo Internet Security installed but when I click on the icon in the tray it opens and it is only Comodo Firewall. How is this?

If I had Comodo Internet Security free for a while would an update have change it back to firewall? Why does it say CIS in the add/remove programs?

Hi David. Comodo firewall is now part of Comodo Internet Security, in the Add/Remove programs it will show as CIS. In Add/Remove you can click on change to add or remove components of CIS this will then take you to the option to install Antivirus or Firewall or both (See attachment). An update should not change it back to just firewall unless that is all you had in the first place. During any new installs you now have the option of AV or CF or Both regardless of the installer used. Kind regards.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Hi captainsticks. Thanks for that i understand now. I have NAV so probably that is why i did not install the AV. I was puzzled at having CIS in add/remove but only firewall in the tray.

Hi David, glad it helped in the confusion of the installer. Kind regards to you.