Which Comodo free products are allowed for business use?

AFAIK Comodo Antivirus is free for business, but something I read a while ago made me think that Comodo firewall is also free for business.

I just want to clarify, exactly which of the free products are allowed for business? Most interested in firewall, memory firewall, boclean, and antivirus.

EVERYTHING. Comodo Makes money from selling Security Certificates, Other products are to promote the name :slight_smile:

Doesn’t matter whether it’s commercial or not…

Well, that’s some pretty good news.

@doktornotor, what exactly am I looking for in that link? LOTS of information there… :smiley:

not the email certificate it says home free only.
Like You said Comodo Makes money Selling certificates…

why did you resurrect this 4 year old topic?

Internet Zombie plague?