Which Comodo files/folder should I add to NOD32 exclusion list?


I’ve noticed whenever I use the ‘Purge’ feature in Comodo, NOD32 V2.7 uses 100% CPU for the duration of the purge.

I’ve tried adding the C:/Program/Comodo folder to NOD’s exclusion list but it is still happening.
Is there anything else I should add to NOD’s exclusion list?


JJ 8)

To add to this, I watched AMON in NOD32 while Comodo was purging files and it scans every .exe thats in the purge list.

How the hell do I get round that? ???

Well, I’ve done some research on my machine about this and the only way (I found) to speed up is:

  • If we untick ‘Advanced heuristics’ in ‘Amon → Setup → tab Options’, then CFP’s Purge run fast.

From NOD’s Help File:
“Advanced heuristics (on create only) - Is a state-of-the-art code emulator developed by ESET that significantly extends heuristic capabilities of NOD32, enabling it to detect new threats without the need to update. Since emulation takes time, Advanced heuristics is used by AMON only on creation of new files, or modification of existing files.”

And for sure, I don’t think Eset would do anyting about it, v2.7 is old yet it have many users. And I also don’t think Comodo would do any research for the same reason.
But the files arn’t new or modified, strange behavior I must say.

As I see it, don’t untick, just take a coffe break, think ab’t the security ;D