Which Comodo files do I exclude in NOD32?


Anytime I purge the Defense + or Firewall Network Security Policy NOD 32 V3 eats up 100% CPU. The purge would obviously be quicker if the CPU wasn’t worked so hard.

I added Comodo’s folder in Program Files and that made no difference. I then added every single file within that folder and that also made no difference so my question is, is there another file somewhere to add to NOD’s exclusion list?


Based on my experience, you may have to Uncheck Advance Heuristics. This extra security/protection feature via NOD32 has been causing high CPU spikes on my system for the past few months whenever an unusual process/file type/install etc is active. I unchecked AMON Advance Heuristics and ‘feeling’ the difference. I have not Purged yet as I’m still learning this Ins/Outs of C.F.W.P :THNK

Hopes this helps.

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No its not NOD32. I use NOD32 3.0 along with Comodo on 2 system and it runs great. Everything is at default values from when I first installed Comodo. I tried Rising and Avast and Avira and whenever I purge my D+ to find any dead entries D+ hangs at times. So does the firewall. Doesn’t bother me any. It goes away once its done. Instead of purging them just manually delete the entries you want to.

Advanced Heuristics is disabled on ‘real time protection’.

NOD is clearly picking up on Comodo activity and scans it so there must be a file to exclude.

Cheers anyway guys.

If you uninstall NOD32 you will see the problem still there. The problem if purging files from Comodo has nothing to do with NOD32 cause I can duplicate it with any av.

Are you talking about purging files from the D+ list or are you talking about purging files from the pending files list? If your talking about pending files I don’t use clean pc mode. Use D+ in safe mode then you don’t get pending files.

I am Italian and I excluded in AMON this folder

AMON is NOD32 2.7. She is using NOD32 3.0.

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When I purge in D+ Computer Security Policy and Firewalls Network Security Policy it’s ekrn.exe that takes 100% CPU and that’s NOD’s kernel. I check in Process Explorer. My D+ is set to Clean PC Mode and Network Defense to Safe Mode.

Purging from the pending list does not cause this 100% spike in NOD.

So basically whatever it is that runs in Comodo when I purge these two lists it gets NOD scanning it in real time. Someone from Comodo must be able to say what it is so I can exclude it.


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Ok now that I know your a guy sorry. But its not NOD32 causing your problem. I can duplicate this using Avast,Rising and Avira. It seems to be a bug with Comodo but I wouldn’t really call it a bug cause how many times do you really need to purge the firewall and D+. I actually never need to. if I just uninstalled something I go into D+ and find it and delete it myself. What are you doing purging things everyday? May I ask why?

There’s a few installers in there. Updated applications. I only do it about once a week if I’ve installed and uninstalled stuff.

I purge the rules in both D+ and the firewall rules.

other than the comodo folder and the settings in the C:\DOCUMENTS AND SETTINGS\ALL USERS.…COMODO\FIREWALL PRO, have you tried excluding these?:

C:\Documents and Settings<Username>\Application Data\Comodo
C:\Documents and Settings<Username>\Local Settings\Application Data\Comodo

Cheers, I’ll try that.

Edit: No joy.

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Its not an NOD32 problem.

I’m aware of that but NOD is scanning at 100% so it is scanning something and if I can add that something to the exclusions then perhaps it will stop scanning something it doesn’t need to scan.

I use NOD32 3.0.669.0 and I have the same issue with purging files. If I uninstall NOD32 I still have the same issue which I am trying to tell you. I have no reason to purge anything but I did a test for you. I do not understand why you need to purge all the time. If you just uninstalled program “x” then go into Comodo and go in the firewall and D+ areas and maually remove program “x” . No delay. No lock up. No nothing.

Excuse me but what does this have to do with this thread?