Which Cloud Storage Service ? and Why ?

Which Cloud Storage Service?
I am using MEGA ? Do you know better one or do you use better one ? and Why?

I used Bitdefender safebox once. It is a good product. Havn’t done much with it recently.

I love BACKBLAZE because for little money you get UNLIMITED backup data.

What about security ? Money not important :smiley:

Mega is a good choice, mainly because of its client-side encryption and generous free storage (50 GB).

I also use Ubuntu One, because its client is so well integrated in Ubuntu (but also available for Windows, OS X, Android, iOS).

mates What do you think about http://filecloud.io/ ?

its name before > ifile.it

is it safe ? Do you know about it ?

I use Sugarsync.

I like it because you start off with 5GB free and for each person you recommend you get 125mb extra. So up now I got 22GB of free storage. And not pay a penny.

Of course there are paid packages which are quite good for the Price.

So that is my choice of a Cloud Storage Service.

Plus you can access it on any device and do back-ups and delete files while on the move.

Everything is encrypted (transfer and storage), good security for little money.