Which choice on install

[size=10pt]When I installed Comodo I believe I chose Basic Firewall. Is there a way to change from Basic to advanced firewall w/ Defense after install? And if the question is stupid, forgive me; I am new to this. :SMLR Thanks[/size]

There is no way that I know of but if you want the best protection install Comodo with the leak protection and D+ active. You can always shut off D+ afterwards if you want but its better to leave it on. Read about Comodo here.


[size=10pt]Thanks Vettetech :slight_smile: Guess all this might sink in eventually. Maybe I should remove Comodo and download and install again?? I was trying to make it the least complicated BUT I also want the best protection. Thanks for answering.[/size]

There is way to go from “Basic Firewall to Advanced (D+)” and Vice-Versa.

Defense+/Advanced/Defense+ Settings & Clicking the “Disabled” option would obviously Disable Defense+ and just leave you with the Basic Firewall with No Malware protection (No Reboot OR re-installation is required). Yes, Defense+ is highly recommended to be resistant off leaks & malware.

I suggest for a Clean PC you use “Clean PC Mode” off Defense+, Which you will get zero Alerts for your already installed applications. Otherwise, Safe Mode will suit you’re needs.

Help File\Defense+ Provides further information.


[size=10pt]Thanks Josh, that is good information. I do have another question. In the Pending files, there are files listed that, especially one program, I removed and it totally messed up my computer and I had to do a System Restore to get back to normal. So my question is, how do I remove those files from the list AND out of my computer? Thanks[/size]

There will be a “remove” button (See my picture attached).

If the file REALLY did stuff up your PC, You might want to run a virus/spyware Scan if it’s he case.


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Thta should not have done anything like mess up your pc. It does not actually remove the files but remoces them from your permissions. Those files are actually still there.

Hi… I think I have given the wrong impression here, it was not Comodo that messed up my computer ,it was a “spyware security suite” (:AGY) that I removed and the files are still listed in the Pending Files section of Comodo. So there are no complaints from me about Comodo. See… (:CLP) :Beer (:LOV) (:CLP)

Thanks Josh for the screen print (:AGL)