Which Browser do you use?

hi guys

Pls tell us which browser you use.



Opera :slight_smile:

Is there a reason for the poll Melih or are you just the curious type?

I use Flock but I also have IE8 and MozillaFirefox

My everyday browser I used is firefox, and I only used IE8 to update my MS security patches only

Edit: Sorry I forgot to to add IE8 8)

I think we have IE8 only for security updates . :smiley:

Comodo Dragon. :-TU

Chrome. It works. Barely. 88)

Firefox was just too RAM-hungry. :cry:

I’m using Firefox due to the possibility of a long list of addons.
I think my browsing experience couldn’t be achieved without that addons.

I’ve downloaded Comodo Dragon for testing but, if it has the same features of Chrome (that I’ve tested a long time), I won’t be satisfied: too few possibilities.

Opera V10.6 as primary browser & Lunascape Orion V6.1.6 as secondary with its 3 engines, Trident, Webkit and Gecko 8)
Sorcerer :-TU

I use Comodo Dragon! Its from Comodo, must be good!!!

Opera 10.70 mostly; Opera 10.10 a bit and Pale Moon (Firefox) occasionally.

Firefox as working horse, Opera as secondary. And… IE8 for testing purposes.

I use only IE8. I’ve tried all of the others and didn’t like any of them. Opera comes the closest for me but even that didn’t last an hour on my machine. I don’t like the download or favorites interfaces in any of the alternatives to IE (including Dragon) and the same goes for cookie management. Chrome is just plain too ugly and I hate the tabs on top layout.

In their straight out of the box installations, no browser is more secure than IE8. You have to work with FF by getting addins and things to bring it up to snuff and then you lose convenience and usability. The same way you do if you use D+ and suffer with the alerts.

Flock? I heard about him. Is it good?

IE8 for security updates, Comodo Dragon for everything else.

Dragon, have had no problems with it and its simple and flows nicely and fast.

I love Dragon just take a little time to getting use to the favorites being on the right side, cant you put it on the left?? :-TU

Meni se jako sviđa :stuck_out_tongue: Ovdje imas link za Flock Browser Brave Browser (64-bit) Download (2023 Latest)

FlockBrowser(I like it very much) Here you have a link for Flock Browser Brave Browser (64-bit) Download (2023 Latest)

Hvala, odakle si? (thanks, where are you from) :wink:

P.S. Gledaj da prevod stavis u zagradi (put a translation in brackets)

Because I’m bored with Safari browser and IE clone and engine.