Which Bit Version?

I am considering downloading V.3 although last time I installed it I was unable to open it so I had to uninstall it.

I am not sure; but part of the problem could have been that I installed the wrong bit version. I can’t remember which bit version I downloaded. How can I tell which version of Windows XP Pro I am running (32 BIT OR 64 BIT)?

Also if I install V.3 there will be a number of options to choose from when installing. Which are the safest options to choose. That is I don’t want to do a custom install if I can avoid it.


Try this; Belarc Advisor - Belarc, Inc.

After running the Belarc Advisor, as far as the operating system is concerned, it would only tell me that I am using:

“Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2 (build 2600)”


If you press Windows-key + Pause/Break, you’ll see something like this. If it doesn’t say anything about 64-bit, it’s 32-bit.
Also, I have build 2600 too, so I guess you’te on a 32-bit XP PRO SP2 :wink: