Which avatar is right for me?

First avatar (thanks to SD Ahmad):

Second avatar:

Third avatar:


Please don’t use the first avatar because it makes me confuse you with yigido.

The third avatar seems the best :slight_smile:

Hi zbc,
I will refrain from voting, sorry.
IMHO Avatar’s are like Username’s and Signature’s etc, it all comes down to personal choice.
As long as the Forum Policy is not breached, only you the account holder can make that choice.

Kind regards.

second that.

Tomorrow I finish poll :slight_smile:

Well … I prefer the first, but as it confuses malware1, my choice goes to the third. ;D

My vote went to second. I’m confusing you with my own ;D
I said “Did I post this?” then I realized that this is yours :smiley:

Last avatar won, but i decide on whether to change my avatar.
Thank you all for your comments and votes!