Which AV product...One simple question to know the answer.......

One simple question you should be asking, to see if your Anti virus product will protect you or not:

Do you allow an unknown file the write privileges to Hard Drive, registry or the COM interface?

If the answer is yes…run for the hills…

Never. :wink:

And if you don’t know what any of those terms mean, run even faster. :slight_smile:

So, we should “run for the hills” with CCAV, since it doesn’t have COM/Service virtualization?

Actually, I liked the idea behind CCAV, especially the option to block outgoing connections for sandboxed apps, which makes nearly unnecessary a two-way firewall (even CIS FW in safe mode automatically allows outgoing connections for trusted apps).
I just didn’t like the poor performance of Valkyrie (unknown files take ages to get a verdict) as well as the slow boot time (even if it might be related to my PC only)

How does these missing protection mechanism affect CCAV?

And CCAV protect against fileless malware?

Why do you say CCAV does not have the COM interface virtualization?

It’s not me, it’s Comodo website to say so

That’s not the case anymore, CCAV now uses the same sandbox technology as CIS since CCAV v1.8.405758.403 The website probably hasn’t been updated to reflect the change.

OK, thanks for clarifying this :slight_smile:
What about fileless malware?

If by fileless malware protection like the one you get with CIS then I don’t think they have implemented it yet. e.g. when a trusted application running outside the sandbox is exploited to run commands passed to interpreters such as command-prompt or powershell.

Yes, changes in website are due.
Should be done within next week.

I have reported about the wrong FAQ decription to Umesh a few days ago and its: Pending with Help (web dev) team.

Btw, FAQ for CCAV website have been updated.

It is has been introduced in CCAV now, you can try v586 BETA.


the only thing i think is necessary, atleast for me, to use ccav instead cis is ccav using less ram and cpu… like cis.

cis has more options, more modules, etc., and still uses less to nothing of ram and cpu cycles on my machine… insanely slow system resources, compared to any other av products…

Please do us a favor:

  1. If you can create a short video when you see high cpu usage.
  2. Right click on CCAV process that is taking high CPU and select ‘Create dump file’ and share with us.

next time i try ccav ill do that for you. right now, cis latest kicking on my win 10 fall… :3