Which AV do you like?

Vote for your Favorite AV!

If you like another AV, please post it BEFORE submitting “Other” as your vote, because I’ll add it.

There is no best. Period. It’s what you like the most. :slight_smile:

Well ok, vote for which AV you like (and I didn’t say “Best”).

You didn’t ? What’s the title of the topic then ? ??? 88) ;D

Oops, well I was looking a the question (Which Company’s AV or AV do you like?). (:SHY)

I like Kaspersky the most now. I don’t know about the future though. But most of all, I would like to have no AV at all.

I was always wondering, what would happen to the AV business if Microsoft would release a lot less vulnerable OS. Like a tottally different platform, that would reduce the effectiveness of current viruses to 0.

The race would start all over again.

(Moving to 64 bit would be a a great start too)

Yeah, I wish Microsoft would release a GOOD OS…

I use avast! on 5 different computers with 4 different firewalls with no problems. Under both XP and Vista it is unobtrusive, updates often, has all the functions, and even scores very well at places like av-comparatives. Even added antispyware and antirootkit in the newest version. Plus has a good and helpful forum. And, of course, is free. :slight_smile:

i like avast too, but i think it has too many services/processes.
i’ll be switching to CIS once its out of beta

I like having the separate services/processes. I only use 4 of the 7, and get to turn the rest off. If I wanted to be a minimalist, I could turn off everything except the Standard Shield. But I like catching the stuff as it tries to enter my machine, instead of waiting until it tries to execute. And it has a track record, which for CIS may take a while to achieve. I am also set up to scan encrypted email, which I have never heard of as a CIS capability.

which do you have disabled. i just have the Outlook one disabled b/c i use windows mail.
i read that network shield acts as a mini firewall for commonly exploited ports, but i still have it enabled. i really don’t need it i guess…

I was trying a trial of AVG Internet Security, but I don’t like it. Hogs my resources, and the scanner process that should only run when I have a scan set runs most of the time, and I have to close it. (:AGY) I was thinking about trying Kaspersky, but maybe I’ll get Avast!.

I just wanted something fast and light (preferably a Suite), and I’m usually willing to pay a bit for it.

Um, you can just wait till CIS comes out of beta. Or untill Avast 5 shows up (it will have a firewall included AFAIK) :slight_smile:

For now, use avast! or Avira :slight_smile:

I used to us Avast, but Avira seemed to run alot lighter on my system!


I have IM, P2P, and Outlook disabled since I don’t use any of them. But they are so easy to turn on and off, that you can tailor things to what you are doing anytime. Network Shield is to watch for internet attacks, so I would leave it running even though it may be redundant with CIS?

Hmmm…I tried Avira, but it totally stopped my internet connect, and I just didn’t like it. I think I’ll get Avast!.

Also, does anyone know about when CIS will come out of Beta?

Both will protect you just fine. Avast! is a complete package against malware - it has everything you need, antivirus, antispyware, antirootkit, mail,p2p and web shields and improved self-defense. For Free ! :-TU

Avira Free lacks the antispyware component and a web scanner, but it is also a fine choice.

BTW, don’t forget to check out avast! website for nice looking skins ! :wink:

Not sure about CIS final release date, but the BETA period shoudn’t be long 88) Can’t tell really :-\

I only use CIS\CMF and sandboxie as real time protection. Once in a while I’ll scan my system with the free versions of AVIA\MBAM\SAS

i think we already have a thread for this :THNK

katie drive sentry of course :-TU