Which AntiVirus with Comodo?

What is the most compatible antivirus software to use with Comodo ver.


I have been running AntiVir with no problems.


No problems with NOD32 although I’ve heard NOD may make CFP less effective!

I’ve seen lots of people appear to have problems with Avast, which is too bad since, I was thinking about installing it when my NOD subscription runs out.

I’ve also hear AntiVir may be the best free program, and few if any real problems, using that with CFP.

Avast! is very popular with Comodo users, and runs very well with it. But other virus programs have their enthusiasts also. :slight_smile:

Gizmo Richards speaks hightly of AntiVir in the latest issue of his Support Alert Newsletter.


AVG anti virus and anti spyware works fine with .276. (XPproSP2)

With the latest version (, CFP runs well with AVG also. The latest CFP Defense+ no longer generates huge numbers of extraneous entries for AVG components; this solves a major outstanding problem for me.

avira and avast (avast real time) and avira (on demand)

I have AVG Free Edition and been using it since 2002 when I upgraded to WinXP,
AVG and CFP has never coursed one another any problems for me, but I have 8.3 dos filenames disabled before I had tried any version of CFP 3, so i never experienced that problem that others were having with AVG and CFP before

so my vote is biased its AVG cos i like it and it works with everything for me :smiley:

NOD32 V2.7 here.

No problems with Avast and CFP


There were some problems with Avast and AVG in previous versions but they’ve been reportedly solved in the latest CFP release. Avira is which I use and it never caused conflicts, heard the same from other people. With the latest stable release of CFP, go for whatever AV you had chosen and there should be no problems. Make a system restore point before installing anything, just in case. :wink:

What about CAVS?

All I want for Xmas is a pony and CAVS v3 :THNK


Avast! works well with the CFP 14.276.

I had problems with earlier versions - the reason for the problems not known.

Avast! 4.7.1098 (latest) and CFP works excellent for me too. I highly reccomand Avast!, is a great antivirus.

Hey max2: CAVS 3 (I think, Correct me if i am wrong), is planned to be released soon for beta testing, and eventually will be integrated into CFP 3, So keep an eye out for it :slight_smile:

It promise to be excellent!

Josh. 8)

Yes, After Months of Testing IT Will be 99.9%* Perfection

but Still I’ll stick around for it to come out (V)

  • If you find a problem that might be the .1% missing??

Been using Avast with no problems.

evening. been using avira for two years with no problems. but what works for me might not be your best choice. no reason not to try all and find out what works best for you and yours. frank.

I saw that you still had NOD 2.7 which got me thinking about failing the leaktest, ekern, proxy etc and decided to downgrade from 3.0.

  Passed with 2.7 !       :■■■■ :BNC

I used AntiVir without encountering any problem.