which antivirus do you use???



voted :-TU

Voted too. :slight_smile:


Voted too!

Voted… :P0l

Voted… ;D

Voted 8)

I voted twice :-[
avast and Comodo (in two different computers) :slight_smile:

Why would you do that Tech…which is your true AV club member are you really in deep down in your gut :wink: .

  1. Comodo AV

  2. Avast AV !ot!

I voted too.

Come on people…get Comodo past that 2%! :stuck_out_tongue:

Melih or Comodo staff: Use the highlights section in CIS to announce things like this!

P.S. I tried to upload that photo the normal way, with the forum uploader. I got an error that said the upload folder is full. >.>

I voted ;D

SpeedyPC, I use avast in my work notebook with Windows 7.
I use CAV in a virtual machine (VirtualBox with XP).

I never heard of this before !ot! is that a dual boot option ???

Edit: Gave my voted to Comodo

A virtual machine is a program that lets you run a computer system/OS in your main computer. More: http://www.brighthub.com/computing/enterprise-security/articles/64465.aspx

I think that Comodo need better marketing. Its great AV and main reason that Comodo have only 2% of votes is marketing. We should work on it!!!
I already spreading words but I need your help. We all should doing marketing!!!

If every user we have told their friends/family/neighbours then we could help more people!


Let’s not be carried away. :slight_smile:
CIS as a whole is doing a wonderful job to keep a clean computer clean, but AV standalone fails to disinfect infected files and is good as it’s virus list.
But Melih promise us that next big thing for AV it will be disinfection. Then IMO CIS it will be the best security suite on the market today (just look at CIS 5 video/pictures, mix it with Cloud AV and Cloud Behaviour Blocking and finish it with disinfection and imagine how next CIS will look).

You can run one operational system (guest) inside another (host).
I have Ubuntu and Windows XP inside Windows 7.

I am new in Comodo world and I didnt know about “disinfection problem”! I hope that Melih will fix that in CIS 5!
Melih I truly hope that you will fix this issues!

P.S. I hope there will be less need to configure firewall