which action does comode take if you do nothing when prompt

i was installing a program but it took so long that i decided to move away from the computer
when i came back installation was halt awaiting reply in a comodo promp the one with the allow block other opcions prompt.

but when i was going to click on allow the promp dissapeared

what action does comodo take when user ignores its prompt and wait time ends.

does it block that change or does it let do the change.

because if it blocks by default then installation may be corrupted and stay away from the computer when installing something would be a really bad idea.

By default it will block.
When you install or update you may switch to Installation Mode on the main interface. That will reduce the pop-ups. But make sure you do trust the application.
It is always a good idea to stay by the PC when an istallation/update is runing. Lots of things may go wrong.