wheresphere and spacequery117

Somebody can tell me whether wheresphere.exe and spacequery117.exe are to be considered as virus or some kind of malware? And if so how to get rid of it? Your recomendations will be highly apreciated!

Just a little Google search brings a removal tool for wheresphere: WhereSphere Removal Tool. Remove WhereSphere Now .

Not sure if it is viral. It looks like it is an adware application when I read their EULA:

The WhereSphere software recognizes keywords from your Internet browser to display relevant contextual advertisements. These advertisements may be displayed on your computer screen at any time while you are searching and shopping online (and not necessarily while you are using any product or service related to or downloaded with the WhereSphere software); the advertisements pop-up on your screen in a separate browser and/or are displayed in a Slider format similar to an Instant Messaging notification. The WhereSphere software neither stores any personally identifiable information nor records your browsing behavior.

The advertisements that the WhereSphere software presents (including those provided in a separate browser window and displayed as Slider advertisements) are not endorsed by or affiliated with the websites that trigger their appearance. Advertisements that the WhereSphere software presents are branded with a WhereSphere brand name in, for example, the browser window or in a conspicuous line of text at the bottom of a Slider advertisement. This branding will let you know that the advertisements are brought to you by the WhereSphere software and not by the website you may be viewing when the advertisements are displayed

Spacequery117 is recognised as malware in this topic at the A Squared forums.

In case of doubt you can always upload those files to Virus Total and see what almost 40 scanners think of it.