Where's the Update??

After no success with tech support and activating CPF, I received an e-mail from them that an update was coming soon that would not require activation. When will that be?? I have only a few days of trial left and really don’t want to go back to some other firewall.

I am not sure but the update will come next week probably on 4th of January.

ps.There is no need to be alarmed. CFP will continue to work without any problems even if the trial period is over. It will not disable or uninstall itself. :wink:

Yeah…why leave the best firewall :wink:

As pandlouk said, v2.4 will be released really soon…4 january is the magic day! :slight_smile:


you can use the latest beta…


Thanks. That’s good to know. But then, what’s the point of “activation” if CPF will keep working after the trial period is up??