Where's the trusted vendor list?

Hi, been away from CIS for a while but I am back with 7.0.317799.4142.

I wanted to check the vendor.n file but cannot find it. I didn’t like giving carte-blanche to some of the vendors in the old list and wanted to check the current status.

Can’t find the file. Can anyone please tell me where it is, or what the current alternative is to restrict that privilege from some vendors.


Hi SweetVLX,
The mentioned file no longer exists, please see the quote below.
Trusted Files-Comodo Help

Kind regards.

Arrg, Jim-lad, be-thanks to ya Captain. (apologies to RLS)

Actually for others, the Vendor list is now in Cisdata.sdb and can be modified with an SQLite3 desktop program and/or the SQLite Addon for Firefox. Albeit it with one mal-formed table within that DB. A Mod here may want to tell the devs about “TustedFiles” table within. – or not. :slight_smile:

Happy camper here, now that I have control of the Vendor list again. :slight_smile:

Glad to hear you are happy. :slight_smile:
Also thank you for the added information. :-TU

Kind regards.