Where's the professional download version?


Hope this is the correct board for my question. Can some please tell me where I can download the free professional CIS version? I don’t know what I just downloaded but I was putting it on my bosses computer and when he saw it, I was as shocked as he was! With a raised eye brow he said, ‘I guess you think I’m technically challenged?’ My face turned bright red and I was so embarrassed! The app I downloaded looked like it belonged on a 10yr old kids computer and this was after weeks of persuading him to just to try it out, too. So I quickly installed an older (5.5) version I happened to have and that seemed to appease him, for now anyway. I don’t want to get into another embarrassing situation again with this kiddy app thing, so can someone please show me where I can download the normal version of CIS instead? Thanks a million!!

Gee, they’re going to razz me for week! lol (not funny)

If you downloaded the antivirus from here: http://goo.gl/wSIiyy1sk2=Google you have the latest antivirus version with all the features even the professionals need (in my opinion), the reason it looks so childish is because it is also meant for more home users (such as older people, and yes even kids), so making it look appealing and easy to navigate is parts of what is new at the latest CIS.
If you want to get to the important settings you can click the top right corner of the Comodo window “tasks” then click “advance tasks” and “open advance settings” and “security settings”. from there you can show your boss all the complicated options and settings CIS has to offer. i also suggest you show him the virtual kiosk and kill switch (that is marked with the button “what activity”) to give an example for the large amount of features CIS has.
Also, lots of the most advance or successful AV software’s these days use a similar interface (like Norton and Avast for example) so it is not unusual for an antivirus to look that way. Comodo has some of the best virus detection rates and more features then most of the antivirus products you can find, not mentioning the white-listing protection and the sandbox that restrict every unknown program and make it almost impossible for malware to damage your computer even if it is not cought.

i don’t have comodo for a long time and i don’t know any technical stuff or coding but i did do alot of research before downloading CIS.

hope this helps :stuck_out_tongue:

If you want v6.0 (I think this is the version that surprised you) with its crazy new UI, you can download it here:


If you want the clean UI of v5.12 (the latest v5.0), you can find links to it here:


Thanks jbustter for your reply. It’s unfortunate that Comodo decided to have a child looking app because I cannot share this with other people in good conscience unless I’m putting it on a child’s computer.

If my personal CIS ever updates this kiddy look, then I will be forced to look elsewhere. I cannot afford to have such a unprofessional interface on my system when I’m sharing such a serious topic like security with others. Who would ever take me seriously? I couldn’t take myself seriously with something like that.

Comodo, I hope you’re reading this. I have convinced many people to switch to your software because I know it’s good. However, no matter how good an app operates, if it doesn’t look professional no one will trust it. The reason you are so well-known is because of your long-term users have pushed the product by word of mouth or just installed it on other people’s computers without asking. How can you expect us to support you now when we can’t even take you seriously with this new kiddy look?

Please at least consider offering 2 releases. Keep the kiddy app for children (great idea for them) and bring back the professional interface for adults and mark them accordingly. This way everyone wins.

Thanks for the most current professional GUI download L.A.R. Grizzly. I only have v5.5 and grabbing v5.12 now. :-TU

At least for now, v5.12 will still be receiving the AV updates since it shares the same database as v6.0. I’m hoping that this will continue for a long time since there are many users who prefer the older UI and are staying with v5.12.

Either that or if they would make an alternative UI with a more professional look. I prefer the later since I like the perks in Security by using CIS 6 but I don’t like the horrible UI.

I agree. If the devs would make the UI switchable (normal user and advanced user), I think it would be great. That way they would satisfy the inexperienced and the advanced users could have their old UI back. We’ll just have to wait to see what they come up with. :-\

This is been addressed, heres a quote from Egemen -

Taken from This thread

This was one update ago…
all in good time :wink:

This was in regards to the information on the summary screen, I’m talking about the whole interface, including the settings etc, it makes my eyes hurts and it almost feels like I’m using a toy.

Ok my misunderstanding :o
Although the new GUI has grown on me and become second nature to navigate around it
I suspect as V.6 matures they will be custom skins as they where in previous versions so users can change it to there tastes
As far as the general feel of the GUI, I believe Microsoft has got a lot to answer for… look at other new software’s - Avast 8 springs to mind
I also was a big fan of V.5x GUI but times change and we all gotta look forward

Sure I know how to navigate in CIS 6, that doesn’t change the fact that it’s a pain and an eye sore. I’m actually considering going back to CIS 5.12, but it depends on how the next few updates turn out to be.

During beta I actually did go back to 5.12 and it was a pleasure to return to, as has already been mentioned on the forum 5.12 will probably turn out to be a true legacy app which is a great testament to Comodo and CIS.
However I believe we are right in “sticking” around to see what develops, from what I’ve read and understand the version we are using now is the foundation stone for the next great legacy app.
Only time will tell but I’m enjoying the ride and looking forward to where it takes us :slight_smile: