Where's the button to reply to a posting?

Am I blind ? I can’t seem to find the button to reply to peoples postings or to add to a thread. I only seem to be able to START a new topic.

Nevermind, apparently it only shows up on some postings. I assume the one’s without out it are closed off for some reason.


yes, some posts or boards are closed. What topic where you planning to reply to ?


hello, for a really nice program
posting a message seems to be really hard
no buttons any where

You obviously found a button somewhere. :wink:

To reply to a topic, you have to open that topic. If the topic can be replied to, there should be a REPLY button at the top.

Some topics are locked and cannot be replied to. When a topic is resolved, it is locked as anyone with the same issue is able to find a solutions. If their issue is only similar (as opposed to “the same”), they should start a new topic based on their specific circumstances.

Some entire boards are locked unless you are a memeber of a group that has permissions to that board.

Some entire boards are not visible to standard users, depending on your permissions.

Ewen :slight_smile:

New members should really visit the the New Member Information board to get acquainted with the forum.

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