Where's the 'block all' option?

I have been using Comodo for years. I upgraded to Windows 8 and that version is not compatible anymore so I installed the brand new version yesterday. I have to say I am disappointing with the new user interface. It’s harder to find things. There used to be options for the firewall when right mouse clicking in the task notification area for Comodo (safe mode, block all…etc). Easy to access. Now they have been removed! Why on earth do this!!?

I have been clicking in the main app looking for the Block All option and I couldn’t find it. I saw a Safe Mode button with a down arrow. I clicked on it and nothing is happening. No options.

What’s going on? Why am I not getting the options?

Right-click the tray icon and click “Advanced View”, things like “Safe Mode” and “Disabled” should now be visible.