Where's Soya ?!

So here’s another spam topic. ;D Where’s Soya ? As you know - Soya with his IQ of 165 managed to block his account. :o Bwahahaha ! And he’s roaming as a simple user. :smiley: But what do ya know. Soya is much more expresive. More smileys in his posts ;D

What happend ? Did Soya had a deppresion as Soya-mod and is now free ? :a0 Or maybe Soya is not vegetarian anymore ? 88), thus a lot happier, because of vitamins and proteins from meat ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Stay tuned, we maybe have him in person here, explaining the situation :wink:

:o i’ll watch my back if i were you.
once he gets his mod power back you’ll be doomed. :a0 ==> (:AGL)
don’t expect anything from me 88) .

Oh yeah ? Ganda you are a coward >:( :smiley: Chickening out ? Pakpakpakpakpak ;D

Soya’s a good guy and I’m worried what happend to him :a0

coward ??? i’m smart! ;D (i have empirical prove ;D ).
i think this is a good thread to distract ppl from rednose’s topic :a0 (no more Ganda the re***d :slight_smile: ).

btw. good luck Soya ;D

I think someone 88) needs to take the test course that even Ganda passed.

I kinda of like my reincarnation…feels like I’m on a diet because everything is lighter now :a0. Maybe I’ll stick to being a normal (pissed off) member (nooB) O0.

I thought you were always a n00b Soya? ;D

ganda, you better don’t mess with Soya, in case Melih brings him back :slight_smile:

Ragwing Reborn ! Using his Ultra Super Powers he dedicated his life to fight spammers and the forces of Ganda (:LGH)

But guys - for real, will ya gonna stay as simple users from now on ? (:SAD)

[attachment deleted by admin]

But first I shall crush the Emperor Commodus. By the way, what land do you command nowadays? The Roman Empire died a few thousand years ago…

Why destroying me ? Barbarian (:AGY) (:LGH)

Well to be exact - West part of Rome was taken in 476 A.D. and the East only in 1453 A.D.

But now I command Italian Mafia. (:WIN)

Well yeah, it’s a time consuming work (:TNG)

So there will be no Soya anymore ? Shall I :P0l this topic then ? (:SAD)

Not like we done any work in our past lives? :BNC

Guess I need to use my new powers :wink:

Not enough to put up a fight against me, but I might kill them one by one just for fun ;D

[quote author=Ragwing Reborn link=topic=20084.msg138451#msg138451 date=1203885471]
Not like we done any work in our past lives? :BNC

Aha ! Guess other moderators or Melih found that out and banned you ;D

Guess I need to use my new powers :wink:

Drunk Zanmato dance ? :smiley:

Not enough to put up a fight against me, but I might kill them one by one just for fun ;D

Oh look - Ragwing Codename 47 :o

2 mods down. O0
question : what’s with the “death” theme ???
not even death can blah blah blah ???

They died and now reborn, but in a lower life form - Noobs (:LGH)

The new soya cant talk crap because he only has two stars ;D

The opposite way Goose. He CAN talk crap now (:TNG) And he does…And he enjoys it (:LGH)

You don’t want to be like me? WITH FIVE 5 STARS??? :stuck_out_tongue:

:frowning: you could use your mod power to help me. hey, how about the plan to change the status name ?
(comodo hero, newbie, family member).

Actually you get more power when you’re reborn (:KWL)
Just take a look at my age on the profile :slight_smile: