Where's my ruleset gone?


Tried to do first ever exported configuration re-import. You know what I mean. 88) I’ve been careful to export rules on regular basis.

Don’t know what I did wrong, but all my customised rules vanished. Firewall and Defense + went back to original setup. ???

Quickest solution was to do a system image restore - lucky I do those regular too and a restore takes less time than faffing round with duff software.

The only prompt Comodo gave was what to call the import. Is there a secret name maybe? >:(

Does this mean exporting rulesets is a waste of time?

Ah Qibbler, Qibbler… ;D

What you did wrong, y’see, is you completely failed to notice that the save option ( see attached ) has to be moved to your ACTIVE configuration. Otherwise it just saves the first in the list. And if you isn’t using that configuration it will still be as first install.

Easy to notice this schoolboy error if you check size of saved {*.cfgx} configuration files in C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security ( or wherever you save them).

You can’t help being an idiot, but other souls may avoid ditto by reading this helpful reply to your query >:-D

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In case you lost CIS rules you can also try Windows System Restore; that will work because CIS stores rules in the registry.