Wheres my internet connection gone/

I’ve just installed Comodo on my new laptop, after reading some good feedback about it. I am having probs with my internet connection though. I’ve read that people have similiar probs with this, but none of their solutions fixed mine. Every time I switch on the machine, I have to disconnect from my wireless network, disable the firewall, open the browser and then turn on the firewall again. Any advice on what I have to do so as I don’t have to go to this trouble all the time??

Good day!

I do not know if you tried this yet, maybe you need the check the logs of the firewall to see if you see a probable cause for your problems… Also you can try to set your local are network as trusted in the firewall… the best to avoid problems is to set your network as trusted when you first install the firewall… otherwise you can define your own trusted network… also check if you have a right network security policy applied for the web browsers you are using…

Let me know if things worked out well for you, have a nice day!