wheres my balloons gone.!!!

just a small problem really.
usually when the anti-virus is updating i get my little balloon in the corner telling me.
now mysteriously it has stopped.
im not getting any balloon mesages whatsoever now.
can anybody please help?
ive ticked show balloon messages in preferences and they still dont show.

many thanks.

bye for now. ???

Have you checked your your notification area settings?

Right click on taskbar >> Click Properties >> Select Taskbar tab >> Click Customize… in the Notification area



hi mug,
yes ive tried that .no luck.
many thanks for your reply.

bye. :o

Have you checked your Antivirus \ Scanner settings \ real time

hello dennis.
yes ive checked those settings and they are on-access.
im stumped.
i know its a small thing but it is just weird.

many thanks.

He meant, have you checked to make sure you’re set up for automatic updates.

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hi heffeD
yes of course i have.and the balloons do appear to have returned.the only thing i have changed today is my UAC setting.