Where to I read my results?

So I submitted some files to the CIMA (through Comodo Internet Security program, not the website)
and it finished submitting them. However where do I find out what the result was?

Submitting by CIS does not show you a CIMA report… you have to use the online form to submit it.

Well the CIMA website can be found here:


The Malware and/or False Positive Comodo Web Submission Form or Submit File Form can be found here:

When you are in CIS and you submit a file in the Anti-virus - Submit File area and/or Defense+ - Unrecognized Files area; it will tell you if the file was successfully submitted, if it is Safe, if it Unknown, etc but CIMA is not currently integrated into CIS yet. (That I know of, but I could be wrong)

If you need more help check out More - Help in CIS and/or the various What Do These Settings Do? areas available in the CIS interface.

Or check out the Comodo Help website:


Good luck,
-John Jr :slight_smile: :wink: