Where to get Older versions of CIS?

I am looking for older versions of CIS like v7 or v8 etc?
Is there any official place or site where I can get the same downloaded from?



Why not?

CIS10 is better. It’s very risky to use old versions.

Yes, please use the latest version!!
Some intelligence agencies and hackers aware of old (fixed) leaks…
Why people want to use a shield which has cracks and holes on it??

FileHippo is a good place to find old versions of various programs, Comodo’s Internet Security goes as far back as Comodo Firewall 2.3.6 Released: 24 Oct 2006 (10 years 5 months ago) lul.


With latest version on Windows insider preview after reboot my pc freaked out, missing and bugged UI as well as all text related to explorer, desktop as well. Reverted to previous version and its ok now.

I tried that but I always got the same 5mb installer for any version which means what ever you choose you gat the latest.