Where to get old versions of Comodo?

Where can I find these? I don’t like the new version, don’t need all the new stuff, find it more difficult to use(also cannot turn off the scheduled scan each start up) and it has made my computer hang on shut down two times now.

I’m looking for
Comodo Internet Security 5.5.195786
64 bit.

I found Comodo Personal Firewall 5.3.181415 (x64), would like to have the newest version of the old version and I also want the AV. I downloaded 5.5.195786 off Oldversion.com but I think it’s a 32 bit version as it won’t install(stops at install launch to tell me it isn’t compatible).

This version here is what I want:

What I have now:
http://cache.filehippo.com/img/ex/2027__Comodo5_2.png (with out AV).

Thank you,

Hi CaptainSisko,
Check the ‘old versions’ menu in the links below 32/64-bit.

Scheduled scans can be disabled in your scan profiles.
Scan profiles

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Thanks for those. I’ll try 5.12.256249 to see if it has the old interface/old look( I thought 5.5.195786 was the last like this, but I’m not sure).

I tried that when I had the new version install but it didn’t seem to work.


You are welcome.
V5.12 will have the same functions and appearance (GUI) as V5.10.
Introduction to Comodo Internet Security- V5.9/5.10

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Yeah tried it now, you’re right.
Thanks a lot for the help Captain,

No problem. :slight_smile:

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