Where to find Allow/Block rules for svchost.exe?

i can’t find svchost.exe in my Application Monitor but it looks like its connecting to the internet. A pop-up used to come up every time at boot up and I used to sometimes Allow svchost.exe, and sometimes Deny it.

Now I don’t remember whether I allowed it or blocked it when I checked the “remember” box but I can’t find it anywhere to double-check it. Where does this rule end up? I can’t find it in either the Application Monitor or the Component Monitor???

  • thanks!

I’ve noticed this too recently. It allways appeared in the application list before, but not any longer. Maybe there was an update that put it in the whitelist?

Doesnt CVHOST come under Iexplorer.exe in the application list ? I have just switched on the firewall and I got that allow CVHOST message appear when I clicked on the internet button, I checked the remember box and clicked the allow button and I too cannot find it in any list.