Where to download? [Resolved]

Any one know how/where i can download this antivirus program at all?
I used the links on the webpage and entered my email adress, got the emails with activation codes but…
Where do i actualy DOWNLOAD the software?
I tried this 2x so i got 2 emails with codes…

Hi Tri, and welcome to the forums. After entering your e-mail, etc…you should be taken to another page. This will bring up a box that says, to begin download , click here or on that order. Perhaps you have to wait a minute or two so it comes up.


Yes i got that 2nd page with the info about my product order etc.
And yes in that page was supposed tobe a link to download as it was for the Firewall but…
It aint there, at least not for me…

Hi again, can you try this link?


Let me know if it works now.


Ok its downloading now…
Not sure if it is because of that page or because i allwed scripts tobe run from your domains, which i didnt allow by default previously…

TBH, i think its very user unfriendly to demand having javascript enabled for a webpage that is tobe shown one time only and no indication whatsoever that it is demanded.
Because without javascript the popup window wont comeup and thus the user not able to download the software (s)he just applied for… (:AGY)

That piece of your webpage should change (:WIN) (:TNG)

Anyway thx for the time to bugtrack my problem, hope ill enjoy and like the CAVS (:AGL)

Hi glad it worked. :slight_smile: Sorry that the page demands javascript, that is an issue if a user chooses not to have it enabled. I will pass this along to others. :wink: There is a CAV 2.0 beta due soon and many bugs with 1 will be fixed so if you have any problems, I suggest waiting for the new one.

Take care,