Where oh where has my printer gone?

Okay, this just sucks. I am NOT an IT person but I do have plenty as friends. Somehow, I’ve become the default person at work for IT. sigh.

I recently installed COMODO and it’s been working pretty well but I don’t recognize a lot of the issues it brings up
and it seems like everything is a threat. That’s how it got started.

I was getting ready to print a calendar off of our work email site. A warning popped up about how something awful was about to happen. If I don’t know what it is and it doesn’t seem to relate to what I’m doing, I usually hit block but don’t remember – just in case it’s something I need. If it causes trouble, I block it and remember later. I hit block but forgot to uncheck the remember later button.

What I was stopping was the printer from printing. Adobe Reader says that I can’t print anything if I don’t have a printer installed. The computer says it’s installed. Adobe isn’t listening to the computer. It knows what it knows.

How can I undo what I did and get the printer printing stuff off the website? I can’t seem to find any way to root out what I did. There’s no log of it and I’ve looked in the other areas but don’t recognize anything as what I’ve done.


What OS are you using? Is anything shown as blocked in your Defense+ log? First look at your printer list, and make sure your printer is shown as “ready”. Is your printer on a network? If so, go to firewall/advanced/Network Security Policy and look for something listed as blocked. Delete it. If not on a network, or that doesn’t work, you have probably blocked something like Print Spooler. Go to Defense+/advanced/Program Security Policy to get to the list of rules. Since you just blocked an individual action, your rule should be listed as custom. Is Adobe the only program that won’t print? If so, delete the rule for it. If you still can’t print, go through the list and delete anything you don’t recognize. This will mean that D+ will need to learn all over again for these programs, but we don’t know what you blocked. You don’t need to do this all at once, BTW. You can delete a few that look like they might have something to do with printing, hit a couple of "apply"s, try to print. Then do it again if unsuccessful.

sded you ROCK! I got Adobe back up and printing happily!

Thank you, thank you!!