Where may I find a copy of v3.0.15.277?

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The latest and greatest is not for me, upon reboot BSOD and I forgot to write down what was in that message. Attempted to re-enter Windows to remove CFP and it took me an HOUR to get in and then opening the CP to remove took another hour. Stopped there and rebooted to SAFE Mode and that took about 2 hours and never accomplished anything. Did a SetUp first to check on any memory settings and found some had been changed, did a reset on them and returned to SM and removed that v3.0.16.295. Took about 1.5 hours, finally am able to use my system again without any FireWall. I had chosen not to use the NEW feature, do not remember what the Title was, plus did you also include the AntiVirs in that version of Comodo? As it asked if I wanted to do a system scan before my reboot and I had clicked yes thinking it was going to use my AviraAntiVir v7.0 program, it ran it’s own.

I had done an update to v3.0.15.277 and do not have the original setup file and would like to get back to that one as it worked with little problems. I think all of my settings for Comodo are gone because nothing was set to my original after installing.

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Adric has posted a link to v277in the post entitled “v295 useless to me” a little further down from this post.

I myself have had hellish problems since installing v295. Amongst other things it destroyed my Antivir Avira Antivirus and when I went to sign in this morning found that I couldn’t as I got the message that some files had been destroyed and that I should use my Windows XP disc to do a recovery. Before doing this drastic action I luckily decided to switch my PC off and wait five minutes before restarting when I found that I could now sign in but continued to have various problems. Today I have uninstalled and reinstalled my antivirus twice. Uninstalled and reinstalled Comodo three times the final time going back to v277 from the link Adric posted. Before going back to v277 I ended up having to uninstall Antivir and install AVG7.5 to get an Antivirus. All my taskbar shortcuts apart from Comodo were stopped from appearing . I initially thought the problem was with BoClean and have uninstalled it as well but it was/is definitely v295.

Now that I have installed v277 again my PC seems to have settled down and although I still have AVG Antivirus installed I am too shattered now to change back to Antivir. i will do this tomorrow.

I have been an avid supporter of Comodo products for a couple of years now but this has really shaken me up, so come on guys give me my belief back.


You are very much a Life-Saver as well as “adric” because I would not have ever found that link. When I have problems with my system my brain goes completely BLANK and am not able to think well enough to come up with terms to do a good search.

Thank you for that reference and for your reading and helping me regain my composure,

Your welcome. Comodo .295 is working great for me. Let Melih know your happy with my response. (:CLP) (J)


You may not like what I had to say to Melih but I felt it necessary to lower some info on him about the way they are conducting this operation. Releasing software that will cause this sort of a problem for us unsuspecting users is likened to Microsoft’s releases that make us more vulnerable. This software is supposed to be to protect us not cause major problems and even taking over our systems and causing them to crash. That is like the thingys we are supposed to be protected from by this software not doing the same thing or maybe even worse. I am probably not going to be very popular with some at this company for a period of time or maybe from now on. I felt this needed to be dropped on them so we have a better product. Yes, this is free software for home users, but; this also should be run through ßeta testing before release to the general public.

Thank you for the HELP and reading my Posters,

All software has bugs. Its not a perfect world. Comodo runs great on my XP system. Version .295 caused my system to loop at the XP loading screen. All I did was boot in safe mode and uninstall it. Then I cleaned out all registry files and reinstalled. All is well. Its not a big deal. Hell I am a gamer and spend hours sometimes installing new drivers and having games crash. Gears Of War for the PC caused my first ever BSOD. Now do I hell at Microsoft. No. BS happens. Sorry Comodo did not work for you but you can simply install .277. The latest Nvidia drivers do not work for me so I am using an older version. This is normal. Every pc is different.


Thank you for this message, I only use my system to surf for information on the web and do some personal book keeping. Had a problem with my system not allowing me to install some software on here because it told me I did not have Admin Privileges, which I do. Spent about 3 weeks attempting to install that software and went through my registry file in an attempt to clear all entries from their unsuccessful install and correcting my Admin Privileges. It was driving me up a wall, finally managed to regain control of my system and installed my software. Then found the new version of Comodo and did an install and it wanted to remove the .277 version and I clicked YES! With that it removed all of the learning that it has gone through the last several months. Now it is needing to learn all of those last several months again. When it removed my .277 they removed everything. So now I am in a learning stage again.

I know this is my problem and I just need to be very careful,

You can export your settings. Then import them after you install the new version. Should have done that first.

Yes sir, you are quite right and as a USER only this had not ever been a problem with any software I have on my system. They seem to leave those files alone and overwrite them when installing a new version. So now that this has been explained to me that can be done and I will make all attempts to learn what, where, and how to do this. For Comodo anyway.

Thank you for this information and reading my posts,