Where is this RC that was promised today???? [CLOSED]

Where is it?


I thought it was next week. Has the date moved up? :a0

Ehh duh ?

Melih if you don’t know then… :SMLR who knows ? Egemen maybe (R)

LOL, you are asking us? :slight_smile:


This isn’t the first time Melih has started a thread about release dates in a jokingly manner. That means it’s around the corner :stuck_out_tongue:

Just downloaded it

I hope a change log will be available this time.


I’ve got it too! :BNC

However, the update didn’t restore the installer/uninstaller, which I removed by accident. :THNK


I’m Running RC1 now :slight_smile:


I’m running it too!!!

Yup all’s good thank you. Only problem is that you cannot scan files over 999mb - will this be changed Melih?

hmm… better put it in the wishlist pls…

Who would want to scan a 999MB file. ???

Good example of this is about 2 weeks ago my friend copyied a program straight from Program files and compressed it (He did not have the installed Disk) and copyied it to my USB for me to take home. ← This is why it’s good to be able to scan files over 999mb.

And you could argue and say “The on access will pick it up anyway” and I would say… “Well why have an on demand scanner at all then?” :stuck_out_tongue:

This was discussed in another thread (currently looking for the post, Then ill post the link as there was a discussion on this ) , I’ll put it on the wishlist.

EDIT: Can’t find the discussion :frowning: Maybe the topic starter might see this and post… (:AGL)

Thank you Melih

CIS. RC1, Downloaded and installed successfully through automatic updates.

Just a reminder, You will need to uninstall & Reinstall to get right click scanning (Shell Extension).

Now that RC1 is out, This thread is now closed. :slight_smile: