Where is the Virus update file in Cavs?.

Hi Guys. I use Shadow Defender in conjunction with Cis and have found you are supposed to exclude your antivirus in order to obtain signature updates, without having to re boot.However i have excluded the Comodo Internet security folder and it does not update whilst Shadow defender is enabled, unless i disable and then do the updates manually and reboot.

My question is, can any forum member tell me the file name and direct me to the update file for virus defs in Cavs?, as i think i will have to exclude the individual file rather than the folder itself?.


Well the file which gets updated everytime the AV sigs are updated is :

C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security\scanners\bases.cav

(assuming you have installed CIS into the default location).

Of course it could be that you need to exclude the actual .exe file which is doing the updating (probably cmdagent.exe and possibly other .dlls as well). I would have thought that excluding the whole folder should have worked.
Is there an option to exclude subfolders below the actual folder you have excluded?
You would need to tick that option to catch bases.cav since it is in the \scanners\ subfolder

Hello pt1158. Thanks for the advice. I have excluded the sub folders and all is well, and updating now works!.Once again many thanks.


Glad I could help :smiley:
P.S It was only a guess about the subfolders needing to be excluded! :wink: