Where is the virus database download link?

Where can I find the download link for virus database? tried 3 times to download the database from the application, it gets killed at around 114-120 mbs of the 144 mbs! I need a link to the database, which can be downloaded independently, preferably with a download manager… All the forum/posts I searched for such a link are either old/ removed-not available in some form…! (Why is it so difficult to find an offline update for slow connections?? Anyways…!) Can someone help me with the download of the database? Thanks…! :slight_smile:

You can download the database from here: Comodo Anti-Malware Database - Latest additions

When I click on the link to download the full av database I get error 404 file not found -
I also get this when I go to http://download.comodo.com/av/updates50/sigs/bases/bases.cav
where can I find the real file to download? ???

Sorry, the link was down. I just checked it and it’s back up now. :slight_smile:

     I am thinking about getting dialup . The service requires cutting of after 4 hrs use (about 70meg downloads at that time) and excess use in a month might result in stoppage until the next month.   CIS would not be reasonable to use if I have to download manage a 144 meg update every 2 days.
       Do I understand this problem correctly?
                       Thanks for any help,
                                                   Jimmmy 2

In normal circumstances you’d only need to download the full database after installing the software, after that it’s just incremental updates of a few Kb’s.