Where Is The "Make A Donation To COMODO Using PayPal" Button ?

Anyone who is alllowed access to, use of, a great product like this for FREE should have the option of making a voluntary contribution to express their appreciation and provide some monetary support, at their discreation. In fact they should feel some obligation to do it.

Hey! How many of YOU out there provide YOUR time, services, products, knowledge for nothing, nada, zippo, FREE? Yet, you might balk at paying $10 a year to keep your PC protected.

That’s right, forego a couple of mocha latte’s and make a token contribution if you use COMODO’s products. Don’t be a total cheap-a$$.

So how about adding a “PayPal Donation Button” to your homepage … or is there already one around here somewhere?

yeah i support this (and im sure all fans support this too). comodo should do this at the first place!?
but why ‘paypal’ not ‘comodollar’ like someone suggest
P.S ill donate for sure (:HUG)


Comodo are looking into collecting donations for using their software (by PayPal or whatever), but donating the collected monies to charities.

I would back this idea 110%!!!

Ewen :slight_smile:

Absolutely! I agree with voluntary donations whatever one can afford. I suggest $3.65 per product and it is free for the rest of your life. Think of it this way … it is only a penny a day per product.

Very good idea, i especially like the charity bit !!

Can one of the charities be: http://richarddawkins.net/foundation (:TNG) (This is bound to get someone going ;D).

NOTE: I am half-serious about the richard dawkins foundation thing… Any legitimate charity is just fine (-: .

i really dun know how big n how rich this company is (:NRD)
seems like everi thing they do is to give away free (ye i know wat their biz is & i read their statement of free products alr & i also know donating further back their image but now i stil confused wit their idea of donating all money, 2 nice 2 b tru?)

i of course dun oppose the idea of donating but i suggest they keep half if they really wan to donate. anyway, business’ purpose is to make money.

and if they donate, pls donate portion to Vietnam, my country.

P.S: i realli like the idea of Comodollar, its time to overthrow like wat Comodo did wit firewall (i believe so, it ll become widely believed wen v3 out :BNC i think)

comodo No.1 firewall with computer ethic company…protect us. And I will donote to them for sure. Microsoft I will need pay! rubbish company (:CLP) (CLY)

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I support donating!
I might donate if there’s some way for me(since I’m 15 I don’t have access to credit card or anything bank-related :P).
50% to Comodo and 50% to charity sounds like a good idea. Could maybe share those 50% between ~10 different things.


Yes, no credit card is need! Use cash dollar like Octopus

50% to Comodo and 50% to charity sounds like a good idea. Could maybe share those 50% between

Oh please, spare me …
Comodo is the worlds second-largest SSL-certificate pusher, not a bad business to be in
as far as I’m told … it’s not like they are some little poor programmer who loves what he’s doing and gives it away for free, source-code and everything included .

Instead of using billions on making stupid commercials with some half-nude supermodels
who make you think you get to shag them if you use this product, Comodo has done the smart thing :
Lets give some good stuff away !! No wait, lets make the best stuff and give it away !!!
Of those two marketing-schemes, witch one do you think gives the most “■■■■ for the bucks” ?

Wanna support Comodo ? Then buy a certificate from them (or something else they charge for)
Charity ? why not just send the money yourself ? Or give 5 bucks to the next homeless guy you see …

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I think if people want to donate money, the option should be there.

Just because they are the second largest SSL certificate provider does not mean that the free products have not cost them mega dollars.

Not many companies are this generous.

A certificate as far as I know would be very expensive for the average person that wants to donate a few dollars… (The process of buying one might be annoyingly complex too…)

I would not give $5 or anything for that matter to a homeless guy on the street, I would give that $5 dollars to a charity that supports homeless people. (Reasoning being, my money has a better chance on being spent on the basics compared to drugs, booze or cigarettes).

Half-nude supermodels, WHERE? Seriously, I would love to see that ;D.