where is the discussion for Trustix ZTL?

Can’t find anything. Documentation says to install it and license it. Thanks for the detail.
I installed it, and the license won’t install. Can’t do anything without Comodo’s licensing.
No support. No forum at psoft or here.

So, I guess I kill the VM, wipe the disk, and start over. Trial-and-error installation is so 80s.

Any pointers in the right direction would be much appreciated.

Hi aleghart, you’re right it doesn’t seem to be anything at positive software on this product.Did you register and post anything?Maybe Melih or garry will read your post and can point you in the right direction.Sorry I can’t help. tim

Ok, we now have a ZTL discussion board in this forum. Please go ahead and start there. I will make sure to get involvement from ZTL team.