Where is the bookmarks bar?

I just downloaded the new Comodo Dragon browser. And as usual the favorites toolbar is missing so I can’t get to my favorites. I have 2 questions. How do I get my favorites tool bar back and why do you people constantly do this? It’s not just Comodo I’ve noticed that other browsers do it too. They’re always playing peek a boo with some feature that I use constantly, and I’m sure others do too, but then you download the update and it’s gone, hidden somewhere. All I have now is the tabs at the top and below that the URL box. How do I get the rest of the stuff back?

And if you’re going to transfer my favorites from the old browser to the new one (and then hide them) why can’t you also keep the same toolbar set up?

Hi mmmjv,
Use the following to show or hide the bookmarks bar.

Kind regards.

Thank you :slight_smile: