Where is the antivirus panel?

automatic update to CIS 3.9… but i can’t see av icon… why?

Im updating from early release 3, should i uninstall and reinstall?



Should be in the same place.

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Did your early version of CIS 3 have an anti virus component when you installed it?

If you have just been updating it, it will only update the installed components.

Ewen :slight_smile:

OK, so I will remove and reinstall all the package.



NP :wink:

If this fixes the problem, can you please post here for the benefit of others that may have the same issue.

The problem is fixed whitout reinstallation, the solution came to me from Sirio in the italian forum.


Simply the AV was not installed. just do:

start->all program->comodo->firewall->uninstall
select add-remove
and check the av option

Thank’s for help