Where is the active connections window in the Firewall version 6?

I can’t find the network connections in the new version firewall program. Only a simple network window in the KillSwitch,that is a semi-finished products! The active connections link window in old version can show the total size sended or received. Look at KillSwitch, the total size column is hided, and every column can not be sorted. That is a semi-finished products!

Sorting is working here. However notice that there are three sorting options when pushing at the column headers:
Top down
Down top

To have more columns shown go to View → Select Columns → Process Network and add the desired columns…

I have not switched to CIS 6 yet.
Does the new version also list the incoming connections?
In CIS 5 it was quite clearly, showing how many inbound connections there are and for finding them you just had to check for TCP/UDP IN.

The first Try of comodo to make a Dummies CIS interface with Ver 6 Is not a success.
Very uncomfortable.

No You can’t see the connections in the First page and not under It. You have to start a separate software (killswitch) to se System info.

Thank you!
I think I’ll stay with version 5 for the moment.

Do you need ingoing connections? If they are not necessary, you should not have them.

Running your own real server would need that. Or other rare examples.

I was using Comodo to check which incoming ports are essential for specific videoconference softwares.

Providing you don’t have a Global rule that blocks IP In you should receive an alert when something tries to make an inbound connection.

AHHHHHHHHHHHH (:AGY) (:AGY) its very U.N.C.O.M.F.O.R.T.A.B.L.E… than typing these words , i clicked but nothing is there .

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It seems there is a bug with that. These columns will show up in the Processes pane but not in the Network pane. And that is a pain (pun intended).