where is TC ?

I was just wondering, as so much has been said about it last month, so many posts, so many questions, and it was supposed to arrive early this month, or did I miss something?


It’s still “early this month”, since it’s still in the first half of the month. Anyways, go make yourself a cup of coffee (or get a ■■■■), and then sit back and relax in a comforting sofa, and wait for TC to come!
On a more serious note, just wait and see :wink:


(Or maybe both of us missed when it came :o)

I think I got better things to do if you don’t mind. I was just wondering, that’s all.

Oh, I hope you didn’t take it as a offence.
But I guess Melih has an answer. I think he said we would get more information once they had a patent on this TC?


no problem Ragwing, I’ve read your posts before and I know you’re a good guy :slight_smile:

TC is ready, however we were waiting for the latest changes to be launched (last week) (there shoudl be one more with small bug fixes soon too), after that, TC gets into production schedule…


thanks for updating us Melih