Where is screenshot saved from CCE scan? + scanning external drive

I downloaded the CCE rescue iso and burned to a disk last night, and ran it. It found a trojan (which I can’t find any info on anywhere so not sure if false positive or not, another issue trying to submit it now but will keep trying). At the results stage, which showed all the files etc it cleaned resulting from this infection, I used the screenshot button, so I would be able to try to save those files which are now removed from my pc ( I cleaned) but back up copies exist on my external hdd.

Anyway, I can not find a screenshot anywhere from this, I checked in the folder left behind called cce_linux, but not sure where else to look if it did in fact make a screenshot, any ideas?

Also is there anyway to use this rescue program iso to check my external disk? I had it unplugged from the pc when I did the scan, wondered if I keep it plugged and do the scan again I might see options of which drive to scan?

Thanks for any tips. (edit: I’m on Win7 64)