Where is "My Pending Files" list and How to block viruses

I install COMODO Firewall with D+ and Cloud based scanner!

I scan local drives on my PC with CCE and my PC is free of any malware

And set D+ settings to Clean My PC’ mode… only 4 items has been sandboxed as partially and Yahoo! IM and IE works on Limited sandbox! ;D

Anythings is goooooood :smiley:

But After a few days, my friends UFD that was infected, connected to my PC and have a trojan!

COMODO Alert me that use GeekBuddy or clean itself. When I clean itself, shows me an error that could not be deleted and Yes/No to restart!! Other options is: Add to trusted files - Report to COMODO and ignore once!! D+ can not add these to sandbox as uncategorized files!?

How clean my PC from external viruses with COMODO Firewall? I can’t install CAV because system slow down.

How to block this viruses?? or add to blocked files?

  • Where is ‘My Pending Files’ list @D+ ???

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I believe CCE should be able to remove the file.