Where is Josh [Resolved]

Who will lock the topics now :frowning: ;D
Own up who upset Josh that he delete his account :o

Yeah, were’s josh? He’s just a guest now :-\ how sad. I really liked him


Sorry, we do not know.

Let’s all have a minute of silence to remember this loss.


Loss? OK… what have you done with Josh, Xan? :wink:

For all we know, he might have been preforming tests with Soya or something. I believe that may have resulted in deleted accounts previously (note: a deleted account is not irreversible).

Don’t even go there… 88)

Maybe his dad has made him use Norton cus apparently there now not going to bloat your system yada yada yada…

The lockmaster is dead!!!Long live the lockmaster.

Tests!!!Tests??? :-La :-La :-La

Wrong assumptions. There were no tests.

yes where is Josh…


I have noticed he was a bit lock happy, was he a mod? I only see him as guest.

josh? who’s josh? ;D

what test ???
what about his “3xist” username ??? i thought he has 2 account, and he decided to delete his “normal power” account & continue using “3xist”. ???

No one seems to know right now, but Josh is posting at Wilders. ???

Hoping to see him back soon. (:HUG)


I came back and his account gets deleted, coincidence? :o

Nice try, Josh. You can fool others, but my eyes see through everything O0.

Ah you figured it out ;D

Looks like I was caught >:(

I can’t be Josh though, I haven’t locked this topic yet ;D

Hi Guys,

I will copy and paste an Email I sent to Ewen when he Emailed me asking for where I was.


Thank you for you’re Email.

I didn’t delete my account at all! No one was ticking me off… I didn’t know what happened! I really want to be back at the Comodo Forums! Some one MIGHT off hacked my account, Because I did give my myspace password to my girlfriend & my best mate ages ago though!

Is my account gone forever? Pls also Email this to Melih let him know I would really like to be back as a Mod & My Account deletion wasn’t my fault :frowning:

Thanks mate… I appreciate your Email!


I understand account deletion isn’t reversible, So I am a ■■■■■■ & upset right now… :frowning:

Good to know you’re still here Josh. Let’s see what we can do about making you a mod again :slight_smile:

Thanks, I am sure Melih will Mod this one. But still… A good 900+ Posts & over a year Registration gone. Imagine Soya’s Account being hacked & Deleted.

Anyway… This is like a 2nd Job, It’s like Some one accidentally ripped up my contract and the Boss made me a new one.

Hmmm… I will get over it.


In response to those replies, If locking is a problem, Please tell me! :slight_smile:


lol I was just having some fun, I really don’t know what has been going on as I haven’t been around for a while :-[

As far as I know you’ve been doing more than I have which is a good thing :slight_smile: