Where is jharris1993?

I have a question. Where is Jim, aka jharris1993?

I’d like to know what he thinks about this new board in the forum, and about security in general…



Right here… In front of my computer - where else? (laughing)

What we have here is a perfect example of the “Seek and ye shall find, ask and it shall be given unto you” paradigm! (at least from a secular point of view…) ;D

First of all: Thanks to the Admins! I appreciate this. :■■■■ (:CLP)

2nd: I promised a “security” thread, and I plan to deliver. However, if you folks can wait for sometime other than 1:00 am (EDT), and for me to be a little less ill… (Can you say “sick as a dog”? Ahh! I knew you could!! :stuck_out_tongue: ) I’ll be glad to start it.