Where is Firewall Security Level stored?

I have a PC that I can access remotely in XP but I need to do some work in Win7 x64, which I’ve installed Comodo Firewall in but haven’t set it up to allow RDP or TeamViewer access yet, so before I reboot to Win7 I need to set the Firewall Security Level to Disabled to ensure I can access it.

From XP I have the Win7 C: partition mounted and can see the COMODO - Firewall Security.cfgx in C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security which has a section

<Settings SecurityLevel="8"

but setting the firewall to disabled (on my local system) doesn’t change this, so that can’t be it.

The CFGX files located in the CIS installation directory are not CIS’s loaded Profiles, they are clean backup Profile configurations (ie. as per a fresh installed). CIS’s settings are stored in the Registry (and memory). I say “and memory”, since even if you changed the Registry entries, they might not be obeyed until a reboot is performed… if at all.

The bottom line is that CIS is simply not designed to do what you’re trying to do (assumption: you’re trying to install/control CIS on a remote host). In fact, it’s actually sort of designed to stop what you’re trying. There are some in depth topics on this issue, but I don’t believe that a way was found to do this without physical access to the remote host.

However, CESM (Comodo Endpoint Security Manager) Business Edition is designed to do this and I believe it is free for up to 5 machines (it’s really enterprise software). I think it’s still under Beta… see here.

No worries. I could modify the Win7 registry from XP but it’s probably easier to just wait until I’ve got physical access to the machine to sort it out. I just had a weekend to do some stuff whilst the owner was on holiday, which is always more convenient than when they’re itching to use the PC.