Where is "execute" permission stored?

Hi Everyone,

When one application launches another by means of CreateProcess, Comodo shows a prompt stating whether execute permission should be granted. Something like that: “App1 is trying to execute App2. What would you like to do?”

  • Is there a way to allow all applications to launch others without prompt? How?

  • If I answer “Allow” and “Remember the answer” where can I look up the list of “remembered answers” so that in case I made a mistake or changed my mind I could undo the “Allow” for future.

Welcome to the Forum, Vlad75

Defense+/Advanced/Computer Security Policy.
Your application will be listed here, and you can edit or remove at any time you wish.

Oh, I got it, thank you!

There is Run Executable and “Modify…” button!

There is a way to allow applications to start other applications without getting notified. That would be giving programs the Windows System Application policy. I strongly advice against using it unless really needed as it allows the applications to do everything. When you tell this to all programs you bypassed D+.

Notice that whitelisted files already start other whitelisted files without notification.

Is it possible to add a “Purge” button in the “modify” window in some new CIS update?