Where is Daisy nowadays?.

I have been watching daily the database situation, and i seems to hover around the 5.7 million mark and apart from few thousand up or down, seems to be where it was several weeks ago.

My question is. Whats happened to Daisy?.I understood that Daisy would reduce the data base to a much reduced level to 25mb, ( Comodos target) by incorporating malware under Gen signatures.I know Melih said there had been a small reduction due to Daisy, but 300,000 is not much in the time that has passed, and i know some of that was redundant sigs.

I lost faith in the Av due to Fps and have switched temporarily the Av part and feel once the Db goes down to say 3million then i will switch it back, as its likely the fps will then be reduced further, but may just wait til version 4 and by then my confidence in tat part of Cis may well be restored. Heres Hoping.


Lets just say daisy is working at keeping the DB at 5.7M right now.

Last i heard the AV database is at around 9M Files.

She is working on the background…slowly but surely increasing her strength…

She is adding generic sigs on daily basis catching 10s of thousands of malware. Of course we are getting a huge amount of malware submission. So as daisy increases her power, you will see the db get smaller, and detection is increasing everyday.


The AV database has been stuck at 2469 for over 24 hours now on several PCs. What’s happened to the updates?

(I’m using CIS 3.12 on XP SP3 by the way).

2469 here too, AV says its up-to-date

Looks like it’s working again. The DB version has gone up to 2471 a few mins ago.

2474 is the version that I have as of this moment.

Did she get angry today?