Where is Connection activity/IP monitor [v6.0.260739.2674] ?

(Just updated to new skinned comodo which looks pretty nice, however, I have to admit it’s 10 times more difficult/slower to use it when the shit happens.)

I cannot find anywhere the old good “connection activity”(The one which you could just click on first screen of comodo telling you which applications uses what IPs/ports) or where to locate current connected IP/Host addresses bar anywhere, not on new widget and not at comodo itself. So, anyone here to enlighten me where did the best feature of comodo in security sense magically disappeared?

(I mean there’s nothing more secure than user seeing the attacker, if so.)

If you’re looking for the Active Connections window, stop searching, it isn’t there anymore. To get information on connections, you’ll have to download Killswitch. If you click on Watch Activity, you’ll be invited to download Killswitch from the GUI.

I don’t know about you guys but this KillSwitch seems ■■■■ familiar to Mark Russinovich and Bryce Cogswell coding of tools/utilities.

Although, there is the similar tab than on old comodo had but way more difficult way to handle, but what I see an an real issue on this design is that “it ain’t on when needed”. I mean as an security company people there should understand that, if you ain’t seeing the threat when it happens it ■■■■ late to worry and open your KillSwitch when the threat is already gone where as it was on old comodo inside the program code and you could always click it it always kept the list of active connections.