Where do you send messages to the Webmaster?

So if you want to advise the Webmaster of a possible bug, how do you go about it?

For some reason, the Comodo site no longer likes Firefox 3.5 (w/ NoScript) - FF sits and waits for some “data” to be sent, which never comes.

I had to use IE to post on this site!!!

May Mozilla forgive me…

Hi. Which particular part of the site gave you problems. I use fx with NS and can access all areas…

I’m also using FF 3.5 & NoScript 1.9.5 without issue.

Which part of the site? - //forums.comodo.com

FF just spins its wheels waiting for a data transfer from the site.

This is with CIS .529 or .530.

Also feed FF through Privoxy, so there might be a block there, but I’m not getting any messages about attempted access…

Try allowing the site in NS

Long live IE ;D

(couldn’t resist that one)