Where do my Firefox downloads go??

Comodo CIS 4.1.150349.920

When I have Firefox running in the sandbox on any of the restriction levels, I cannot download anything. It appears to download but when I try to open it or browse for it, it is nowhere to be found. They’re not in My Pending Files either. I am trying to download and install Comodo Cloud Scanner.

Then I get this error.

[attachment deleted by admin]

they are in a hidden folder, c:/vritualroot/( follow to where you saved them)

In general you should install browser add-ons and browser updates with your browser non-virtualised.

This part of the CIS sandbox is still being worked on.

Best wishes


I found it after a lot of digging around. Seems a bit overkill to me. :o

Anyways I will continue to use Sandboxie for browsing and the Comodo automatic sandbox for everything else unknown until I can figure this thing out.

I previously had Sandboxie installed and the downloads had to be recovered from the sandbox. Are the files in the Virtual Root Folder still in the “sandbox” and why is this folder hidden? What is the status of cookies when Firefox is sandboxed?